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Digital Production Specialist Internship

  • Synchronize, assemble, manage, and organize raw video footage

  • Edit video projects (commercials & music videos, short films, social & marketing content)

  • Desire to expand upon and develop new skills, based on production needs and personal, professional interests

  • DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) on set

  • Maintain professional communication standards 

  • Video Editing:  strong proficiency using professional video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve Studio, etc.) 

  • VFX, Motion Graphics, or Animation: proficiency in (or an eagerness to learn) VFX, motion graphics, and/or animation 

  • Color Correction: proficiency in (or an eagerness to learn) colour grading and correction 

  • SFX and Sound Design: proficiency in (or an eagerness to learn) SFX and sound design for videos 

  • Digital Media Marketing: experience in (or an eagerness to learn) digital media marketing strategies, both for social media and other online platforms

  • Website Development: experience in (or an eagerness to learn) website development and design to assist in improving online branding and awareness through video editing 

  • Graphic Design: proficiency in professional graphic design software to help create digital content for projects and marketing (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) 

  • Creative & Passionate Storyteller: avid creative vision and passion for all forms of storytelling and a desire to include a narrative approach in aspects of every task and project 

  • Empathetic & Positive Professional: acts in a professional manner, while exuding a positive energy, empathy, and understanding toward team members and clients 

  • Independent and Self-Motivated Learner: driven to improve and learn from teammates 

  • Natural Collaborator & Communicator: energetic and enthusiastic collaborator who contributes ideas and leads with questions. Pursues a practical approach to achieve creative visions and always maintains professional communication standards

Part time (30 to 40 hours per week)


August 15, 2022


March 15, 2023

This amazing role is perfect for an individual with digital media experience who’s looking to break into the film industry. In addition to gaining valuable experience working on videos (commercials, music videos, feature and short films), the role offers a range of opportunities to learn about other personal areas of interest in film, including story development, production management, and technical expertise.

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