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We are experienced producers


We are a full scale Service production house company dedicated to bringing your vision to life

Production Insurance

Health and safety is the top priority on every HYST film set. We always ensure our cast and crew has a safe and welcoming work environment. When an accident does occur, you're protected by a comprehensive production insurance policy from Marquee Insurance.

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HYST IS A proud member of the Canadian Media Producers Association

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I love working with HYST! They’re knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging at every step of the journey. Their dedication and expertise are truly commendable. Thanks to HYST, my dream project became a reality. Their team is wonderful!

Lisa Berry   |  Actor, Creator, and Business Owner

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Budget and Schedule

Create and manage the production budget and schedule.​

Hiring Cast and Crew

Hire experienced cast and crew for necessary roles.

​Scouting and Booking Locations

Scout and secure locations, and lead location and technical scouts.

Production Coordination

Coordinate gear rentals, craft and catering, pickups and returns, etc.

Contracts, Permits, and Forms

Organize and administrate all contracts, permits, and forms. 

On-Set Production Management

Manage the production on set to ensure the project is a success.

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